Language and Communication in Thailand


Thailand boasts a contemporary communications infrastructure. The postal service is efficient, as is the telephone system, and the country is one of the primary use,rs from Asia of cell phones as well as the web. Most businesses, government departments, media associations, and academic institutions have well-organized sites in both Thai and English. Internet cafes are getting to be common, and most hotels and organizations have fax facilities.


Thailand includes two englishlanguage daily newspapers, the สมัครเรียน ราชภัฏ Bangkok Post and The Nation, and several provincial towns now boast English- language weeklies. There are lots of TV stations, both private and state, broadcasting in Thai, however, you can get an English sound track to a programs by pasting in to certain wireless channels. Englishlanguage television programs will also be headquartered from satellite and most hotels have facilities for receiving them. By Asian standards that the Thai press is relatively free to express its own opinions and recent government efforts to muzzle it have been ineffective. Broadcasting tends to toe the government line; TV channels are either owned by the government or the existing Prime Minister’s family! But a good communications infrastructure isn’t a guarantee of trouble-free communicating. This chapter provides advice on what to interact successfully with Thais.

English in Thailand

A couple of decades before, even though English was educated in schools, many Thais had few opportunities to practice their oral skills till they proceeded into study abroad. They heard to create it and read it, although never to speak it. English received a further boost as Thailand became a popular tourist destination and also a regional centre for commerce and global businesses. Yet another significant factor is the rising number of foreign residents. Nowadays in Bangkok and the major tourist areas English is widely spoken, together side other foreign languages, thanks to a smaller scope. However, some of the English you come across is fairly plain rather than always comprehensible. In the rural areas- upcountry,” since Thais refer to it-English stops for a lingua franca. It’s not a second language at the Identical manner as it is in Malaysia, India, and Singapore, or as French used to be in Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam.

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